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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

A woman was removed from the plane after trying to discriminate against an unvaccinated passenger

The woman demanded not to sit next to a passenger who had not been vaccinated, although it is known that the vaccine does not prevent infection.
The captain of the plane, led by the captain, reassured the passengers with incredible professionalism and defended the rights of the passenger who was attacked by the hysterical woman.

The flight crew showed full awareness of the reality that even vaccinated people carry the virus anyway and pass it on to others so there is no difference in the risk that a vaccinated or unvaccinated passenger poses towards other passengers.

As is well known and published by official sources, the vaccine does not prevent the transmission of the virus to others, nor does it prevent those who become infected with the virus from becoming ill.

The vaccine is especially important for those who become infected with the virus and get sick, because it claimed to weakens the damage the virus does to the patient and may prevent death as a result of the virus.

The companies that manufacture the vaccine refuse to compensate those who have been harmed by the vaccine itself and even refuse to compensate those who have died from the disease even though it was required as a whole so the whole issue itself is not free of question marks.

This way or another, please go and vaccinate yourself and your family. This is important for your freedom, if not for also your health.

There is no evidence that the death or serious side effects from the vaccine are more common or dangerous than the chance of dying or being hospitalized because of the virus, so there is no evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous than avoiding getting vaccinated.

So please go get vaccinated. If this recommendation will not help your health, at least it will not harm our rating.

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