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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

Arrest made in the gas station fatal stabbing case

An arrest has been made in connection with the stabbing of another a 22-year-old man at a gas station last night.

According to police statement they were “working on locating and arresting further persons”.

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith who is in charge of the investigation in the stabbing said that police were keen to trace witnesses and anyone with video footage of the incident. “At the time of that incident, we are aware that there were lots of persons who were in the vicinity of the gas station who were either getting fuel or were inside, and also we are aware that there were a number of people in vehicles who were driving past the gas station at the time of the incident."

Sergeant Smith said: “That footage will be important to our investigation,”

Suspects had fled the scene in a car, which was of particular interest to the investigators of the stabbing case.

In the same press conference Commissioner of Police, Stephen Corbishley mentioned that the police had responsed to many violent incidents over the National Heroes Day holiday weekend.

A brawl had broken involving groups of men at John Smith’s Bay, and in St. George a man had been wounded by a gun shot over the weekend.

Police are looking into reports of gun shots fired in the Middletown area of Pembroke.

According to Commissioner Corbishley additional police resources had been deployed as a result of the violent acts, which had forced the police to pull out officers from the search for 27-year-old missing mother Chavelle Dillon-Burgess.

Stephen Corbishley's message to the culprits involved in the incidents was clear: “Those involved should be ashamed of themselves and recognise that they will be subject to an inquiry."


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