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Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020

Bermuda Police Service: search for Chavelle continues

Bermuda Police Service: search for Chavelle continues

Members of the community may have noticed police activity in and around the Warwick Pond recently. This police presence was part of the search strategy to locate Chavelle.
The BPS remains committed to finding Chavelle and is continuing to deploy resources to this effort, including the use of Falco a cadaver search dog.

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith of the Serious Crime Division, today explained: Our most recent search of Warwick Pond, included the use of a submersible device outfitted with a camera.

The areas of the pond inaccessible to the submersible, were reached by kayak, and various length poles were used to probe the pond bed as part of a meticulous and extended exercise.

Our search was aided by a partner agency, whose members possess an in depth knowledge of the ecology of the pond.

The BPS continues its appeal to members of the public, for information on the whereabouts of Chavelle and thank those members of our community who have and continue to support this search effort.

We are confident there are individuals who are aware of Chavelle’s location and we once again urge you to be guided by your conscience, come forward and do the right thing.

There is also a fifty-thousand-dollar reward for information leading to Chavelle’s exact location.

Let’s work together to provide closure for her family and loved ones.

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