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Sunday, Sep 27, 2020

Bermuda Police Service warns about a phishing scam on WhatsApp

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS), is aware of WhatsApp messages being circulated advising users of the messaging app, that their accounts need to be verified or that their phones have been hacked.
This all part of a growing trend of phishing scams which are used to steal data such as passwords, as well credit card and banking information.
It's something every single user of this popular app needs to be aware of.

Detective Inspector Derricka Burns of the BPS Special Investigations Crime Division stated:

“What we have learned is that messages are being received from an overseas number requesting that the subscriber verify the WhatsApp account by entering a 5 digit code which is provided by the scammer.

A further request is made for the subscriber to open a link and enter the 5 digit code which is sent by the scammer.

Details of the scam may vary but the main concept is to get phone users to use the 5 digit code.”

Examples of the scam are attached for reference.

Detective Inspector provided the following advice, should you receive these scam messages:
• Do not respond to the message
• Do not open any attachments or links
• Block the sender to stop any further messages from
being received.
• Avoid communications with unknown numbers

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