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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

Bermuda will move to reopen phase 3 on Thursday 11 June

Bermuda will move to reopen phase 3 on Thursday 11 June

The Cabinet Committee on the Reopening Strategy for Bermuda has made several recommendations to transition to Phase 3. Minister of Public Works David Burch confirm that Bermuda will move to Phase 3 at 6 am on Thursday, 11th June 2020.
In accordance with the originally proposed phases, the Committee recommends that Phase 3 will provide for the following:

- Public Schools will continue with remote learning and online instruction through 19th June 2020 when the school term will end;
- Private Schools will be allowed to open as necessary providing they follow the guidelines established by the Department of Health;
- Educational Support Programs will expand to support parents who return to work during Phase 3. Care will be provided from June 16th to 19th;
- Government Summer Camps will open earlier than usual on June 24th, 2020;
- Private Summer Camps will be allowed to open following Department of Health Guidelines;
- Childcare services permitted to reopen subject to public health guidance;
- Additional Government offices will reopen with Heads of Department and line managers responsible for ensuring appropriate physical distancing for staff in office or continued remote working;
- Mandated working from home will no longer be required, however, it is strongly encouraged to work from home if possible, and certainly, those government departments that are able to do that, who are incapable of providing physical distancing within the offices, will continue the rotations.
- Church buildings will be permitted to reopen subject to adoption of appropriate public health protocols and for services with 20% of a sanctuary’s approved occupancy;
- Gyms will be permitted to reopen subject to public health guidance;
- Public/tourism pools permitted to reopen within prescribed maximum numbers for gatherings;
- Cinemas and Museums permitted to open subject to 20% of occupancy and adherence to public health guidelines;
- Indoor Dining (no bar services) with physical distancing to include either barriers or tables set six feet apart;
- The curfew will shift to 11pm in the evenings to 5am in the morning;
- The maximum permitted numbers of persons for any gathering shall remain at 20 persons.

The committee is meeting regularly and will be making further recommendations that other activities be implemented at a new Phase 3b. As an example - some faith-based entities have made representations for the holding of outdoor services and the Ministry of Health will provide best practice protocols that should obtain for this purpose.

According to Minister Burch, there are several other activities being considered and he expects that there will be further announcements at Thursday’s briefing, as Bermuda look forward to advancing the economy and reviewing those items that are in phase 4 that can be moved to phase 3b.

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