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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Burger King Brazil's DOGE Campaign: Dogecoin Accepted for Dog Treats

Burger King Brazil's DOGE Campaign: Dogecoin Accepted for Dog Treats

Burger King restaurants in Brazil have a new DOGE-themed marketing campaign. Burger King fast food restaurants in the country are accepting Dogecoin for Whopper-themed dog treats, according to the company.

Translation of the tweet:

“Are you out of Brazilian reals? Buy with DOGE! Burger King is revolutionizing galaxies once again! We are now accepting the much-beloved crypto Dogecoin as payment for DOGPPERS®. Buying is easy, visit our website.”

A Dogpper is a meat-flavored bone-shaped treat priced at 3 DOGE (roughly $0.62). The name ‘Dogpper’ is a spin on Burger King’s most popular product, “The Whopper”. The item is aimed at customers with canine pets who wish to share something with their pets when ordering from the restaurant-chain.

To buy Dogppers, users need to select the amount on the website, and fill up a registration form. Once done, the website will display Burger King Brazil’s DOGE address, which the customer has to send the Dogecoin on. The item can also be purchased on mobile apps like Uber Eats, Ifood, and 99 Food.

Burger King asked customers not to purchase more than five dog treats at a time for availability reasons.

Burger King first launched its line of dog treats in 2019. But as per the new campaign, this is the first time they have been available for crypto payment.

At the moment, it’s not clear whether Burger King will allow Dogecoin payments for other products on their menu, or other cryptocurrencies in a broader scale in the future, and expand schemes like this to other franchises outside Brazil.

The Dogpper is a limited-time offer. Some proceeds will go toward an NGO, the animal protection agency Petlove. Furthermore, the offer is not exclusive to Dogecoin holders; the company is also accepting payment in reals, the official currency of Brazil.

Those factors suggest that the offer is not strictly about examining the viability of cryptocurrency payments.

This is not the fast food chain’s first foray into cryptocurrency. In 2017, the company’s Russian division launched a token called Whoppercoin, which is now defunct.

Just a few days ago, Coinbase Commerce announced that users can now checkout using DOGE. Thus, Dogeoin has become the 7th crypto added to the service.

At the time of writing, Dogecoin’s price floats around $0.20, up 6.7% in the last 7 days.

After a continuous downwards trajectory since the crash in May, Dogecoin has finally seemed to pick up an upwards trend over the past few days, along with the market wide recovery.

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