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Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020

China accuses the United States of trying to 'eliminate' Huawei

China accuses the United States of trying to 'eliminate' Huawei

China accused the United States on Thursday of seeking to eliminate Huawei 'by all means', after a US warning against Brazil, if it allows the Chinese telecommunications giant to supply 5G technology to that country.
The United States claim to be very attached to fairness and reciprocity, Chinese diplomacy spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters.

But in fact, when companies in other countries become dominant, the American political class makes excuses and uses the power of the state to eliminate them by all means, added Wang.

Huawei is considered the world leader in 5G, a new mobile technology standard that will revolutionize the internet, and the company is working globally towards the implementation of the new technology.

Suspecting that the group is in 'collusion' with the Chinese government, and arguing risks in terms of cybersecurity, the Donald Trump administration has in recent months increased pressure on its allies to ban Huawei equipment.

In other words, if the new 5G technology is implemented in majority of world, the US government is losing their power to extract data and information from US tech companies, which are in 'collusion' with US government, in the exact same manner of what they are accusing the Chinese companies to be with their government.

In an interview published Wednesday in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo , the US ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, threatened "consequences" if they allowed the Chinese group to implement its 5G technology in the South American giant.

Brasilia planned to launch its tender for 5G this year, with a huge market of 212 million inhabitants, but the Covid-19 crisis has pushed back the launch to 2021.

The "consequences" could be of an economic nature, the US ambassador told O Globo.

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