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Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

COVID-19 Update - Minister of National Security's Remarks

COVID-19 Update - Minister of National Security's Remarks

The Minister of National Security, the Hon. Renee Ming, JP, MP gave remarks at the Covid-19 press conference held yesterday evening, 5 January 2021. The statement is posted below:
Minister Renee Ming stated: "The Bermuda Police Service has released the name of Bermuda’s first road traffic accident victim. It is with heavy sadness that behalf of the Government, I am extending our condolences to the family of Oronde Wilson Jr. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

"One death on Bermuda’s roads is one too many.

"We are saddened by any serious road traffic accident and are devastated by a fatality. As a country, we need to be aware that road safety is a public safety matter.

"Policing Bermuda’s road is only one part of the equation. Each of us should be responsible while driving, riding, running, walking and even crossing roads. It is imperative that all residents take seriously, act cautiously and with concern for your own safety and the safety of others.

"Just as we must act responsibly on Bermuda roads, we must also continue to do our part to adhere to the Covid-19 health guidelines and advisories.

"Over this past holiday weekend, I am pleased that the majority of our residents adhered to the curfew and we had only seven (7) of the person were deemed to be in breach of curfew. These matters are being dealt with and person(s) will be before the courts in due course

"Though the curfew has changed to midnight, it is as important as ever that everyone adheres to the revised times. The Bermuda Police Reserves will continue to support the Police Services with enforcement. There have been 26 breaches in total since its inception on December 18th. It should be noted that anyone found in breach of the curfew will have a file submitted before the Department of Public Prosecutions.

"During the past three weeks, the BPS’s covid+19">COVID 19 Compliance Team in partnership with the Bermuda Reserve Police have continued with their liquor license premise checks. There were 101 checks at premises across the island.

"As the Minister of National Security, I wish to thank all of Bermuda for making responsible decisions and taking the necessary precautions to protect them and their families. Generally, we had a relatively peaceful holiday period.

"This is a testament to our residents who adhered to the health guidelines and advisories which encouraged people to celebrate in small bubbles this holiday season.

"As you would have seen, the Bermuda Police Service issued a public reminder that if you intend to be on the roads in the evening hours, please plan by ensuring you have enough time to get home before the curfew."

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