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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

‘Entourage’ Producer Rob Weiss Returns to Make Series About Crypto

‘Entourage’ Producer Rob Weiss Returns to Make Series About Crypto

As cryptocurrency is getting more and more media attention, Rob Weiss, the producer of HBO hit series "Entourage" and "Ballers," is going to produce a new series covering the topic, called 'Hold On for Dear Life' – a backronym for HODL.

According to a Variety report, Rob Weiss will produce and direct episodes of “Hold On for Dear Life”. The name is a backronym (an acronym formed from an already existing word) of HODL, one of the most iconic crypto slang originated from a whiskey-fumed discussion board post back in 2013.

The lead character – a tech founder – in the new series isn’t played by an American alpha male, instead, it places a young woman, Mel, in the center of the show.

The surrounding story of the show is this: Mel creates a token in honor of her best friend, who has gone missing. She must then navigate the crypto scene a la “Silicon Valley” or “Betas” with a diverse group of friends, including a crypto anarchist and a Lambo lover.

Similarly to “Ballers” and “Entourage,” the series is meant to be funny. But there’s serious potential for crossover appeal as the show has cleverly minted its own ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain so that token holders can receive a share of the series profits. The token sales will also go toward funding the production.

The pilot has not yet been shot, but the principal photography was scheduled to start this month.

The 10-episode series, is written by the pseudonymous Suhh Toshee (clever, huh?). The show’s executive producer is Mark Pennell, Satoshi Nakamoto Productions, and the MAP Group.

The naming of a show-runner builds on a May announcement for the show from Sator, a decentralized application for earning NFTs by watching TV. No surprise, then, that “HODL” watchers will be eligible for NFTs—blockchain-based deeds of ownership—of artwork and content from the show.

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