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Monday, Sep 28, 2020

Future Policeman in making

Bermuda Police Service posted an adorable story on their social media of a 5-year-old Teddy, who aspires to become a police officer in the future.
"5yr old Teddy of Somersfield Academy, Bermuda happened to be walking past Hamilton Police Station dressed in full police uniform when he came across a few police officers.

His mom explained that he wore the uniform everyday and was hoping that there would be a police car outside the station as they walked by.

PC Jah-Zico Douglas did Teddy one better. Teddy was able to see the inside of the car and test the lights and sirens.

According to mom, this made the young man’s day. According to PC Douglas, he was around Teddy’s age when he had his first encounter with police and it is part of the reason he joined the BPS."

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