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Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020

Governor’s Bermuda Day Message

Bermuda Day cannot be celebrated in the usual way this year, no half-marathon and no parade around the streets of Hamilton.  But I know that the holiday will still be marked in homes by families across the island and I take this opportunity to send my best wishes to everyone as we enjoy the start of summer and remind ourselves of all that is good in Bermuda. 
In particular I know I join with others in recognising the work that continues to be done at this time by our medical and nursing staff, by the members of the Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment, by other Essential workers and indeed by so many volunteers. We thank you again for your efforts and all you are doing to help others in need.

I hope that everybody gets an opportunity to enjoy some rest and relaxation on this Bermuda Day as we stay safe and offer thanks for our blessings.

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