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Thursday, May 26, 2022

"Guide" Taliban: Beijing To US Amid Fear Of China Separatists Regrouping

"Guide" Taliban: Beijing To US Amid Fear Of China Separatists Regrouping

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China during talks with a top American diplomat in late August expressed its desire that the international community, including the US, cooperate and provide guidance to the Taliban as it is afraid that the absence of security forces might lead to anti-Beijing elements regrouping in the region.

In late August, Chinese Foreign Minister Mr Wang Yi during a telephone call with US Secretary of State Mr Antony Blinken suggested that the global community should provide the Taliban with guidance so that Afghanistan's new political system can support government operations and services, The Hill reported.

China believes that the withdrawal of the US forces in Afghanistan could allow the regrouping of Uyghur separatist groups based in Xinjiang and facilitate their operations from Afghanistan.

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), declared an international terrorist group by the United Nations Security Council, poses a direct threat to China's national security and territorial integrity, according to The Hill.

During the talks with Mr Blinken, Mr Yi also said that in order to achieve peaceful reconstruction, the Taliban will require economic assistance to maintain stability and stave off the depreciation of the Afghani, the currency of Afghanistan.

The communist regime has been blaming the US for the current Afghanistan situation. It claims that the US troops' withdrawal from the region can pave the way for a wider insurgency.

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