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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Instagram Apologizes After Removing Images Of Penélope Cruz's New Movie Poster For Showing A Lactating Nipple

The sexophobics who run Facebook’s Instagram who run Facebook’s Instagram see a woman's nipple as something that must be censored, instead of a simple reality to which every child is exposed to from the first day of birth, a reality that no woman should be shy about, regardless of her size, shape or condition. There is nothing to fear or be shy about or hide from in a nipple. The connection of nipples to sex is in fact much less sexy than to lips. So what is Facebook’s 1984 Ministry of Truth suggesting? To show in Instagram women only in Burqas? Idiots…

Why has the USA wasted 20 years, 30,000 innocent people’s life and 2 trillion dollars to fight the Taliban far away  far away, while ignoring the Taliban cancel-culture spreading like a cancer inside the place that really controls USA, above The White House, above the Congress and above the Pentagon: the Silicon Valley?

Finally, Instagram has apologized for removing the official poster for Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar's new film from the social network because it showed a female nipple, something that we all saw, and adore our mothers for, after the poster's designer complained of censorship.

Instagram's parent company Facebook told The Associated Press on Wednesday that several images of the poster for “Madres Paralelas,” which shows a lactating nipple, were removed “for breaking our rules against nudity” after they were uploaded on Monday.

Is that all that the employees of Mr. “Move Fast and Break Things” have to say by way of excusing themselves for their Taliban tantrum? That an artist has been arbitrarily found guilty of breaking stupid rules that only sex maniacs could create? What’s wrong with a nipple, or, for that matter, sex in general?

“We do, however, make exceptions to allow nudity in certain circumstances, which includes when there’s clear artistic context. We’ve therefore restored posts sharing the Almodóvar movie poster to Instagram, and we’re really sorry for any confusion caused,” the company said in an emailed statement.

Facebook and Instagram's longstanding rules — and previous bans — have spurred the use of the #FreetheNipple movement and hashtag on Instagram, which is used by many artists and celebrities to portray nipples despite the rules. The ban does not extend to male nipples.

“The policy of banning nipple display on social networks achieves exactly the opposite goal. Instead of accustoming men to the fact that every type of nipple is sexy, and instead of giving women the power to feel good with whatever size and shape of breast they have, the Taliban-Burqa policies of social networks aim to educate the whole world to deny reality and obscure the truth. They want to present female images only when perfect and enviable, shown concealed behind swimwear, push-up necklines, and clothing that falsifies the true and natural shape of a woman's breast.” (E. Bach)

The poster's Spanish designer Javier Jaén wrote in a post that the poster had been removed from his Instagram page on Tuesday: “As expected, @instagram took down the poster that we made for the latest Almodóvar film #madresparalelas.” After reposting the image, he said, it was allowed to stay.

A request for comment from Almodóvar’s production company went unanswered.

“Madres Paralelas," starring Penélope Cruz, will open the Venice Film Festival on Sept. 1.


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