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Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Kanye West photoshops his face to a photo of Mount Rushmore

Kanye West photoshops his face to a photo of Mount Rushmore

Rapper Kanye West, who has just registered his election campaign committee with the U.S. Federal Election Commission, released a photo montage on Friday of his face sculpted on Mount Rushmore alongside that of Abraham Lincoln.
After publicizing his intentions to run for president of the country and getting his name on the ballots for the state of Oklahoma, the musician shared the manipulated image in which he appears alongside Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington carved in stone.

The photo is accompanied by the message "2020" and in less than a day accumulates more than 150,000 "likes" on Twitter.

Just yesterday, West registered an electoral campaign committee, a movement that contradicts the information published by the New York Magazine (NYM) in which the electoral strategist Steve Kramer, supposedly hired by the rapper, confirmed that he is "out" of the race. presidential

As of today the real intention behind West's announcement is unclear, because although his name will appear on the ballots Oklahoma, a state of just 4 million inhabitants, the term to register as an independent candidate has already expired in half a dozen territories.

Oklahoma is the first state in which West is officially considered an independent candidate, something he achieved at the last minute, as he submitted the necessary documentation and paid the required $35,000 at the last minute.

It all happens after Forbes magazine published an interview with the musician in which he made several controversial statements.

Among them, that he no longer supported the current president, Donald Trump, whom he had fervently defended, who suspected a possible vaccine against COVID-19 or that the US family planning system is the work of white supremacists.

He also explained that the slogan of his campaign would be "YES!", And the name of his political formation, "Birthday Party" (The Birthday Party), which he chose because: "when we win, it will be everyone's birthday."

Shortly afterward, a source revealed to People magazine that West is experiencing a bipolar episode, and that both his wife, Kim Kardashian, and those close to him were concerned about his health.

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