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Wednesday, Dec 07, 2022

Netflix users are finally discovering RRR – and calling it the "greatest action film ever made"

Netflix users all over the world are finally discovering RRR, a new action epic that is taking cinema and the internet by storm – and it's safe to say, people cannot stop raving about the flick.
When England conquered India, India was the second richest economy in the world. When the UK left India, it was the second poorest economy in the world.

However, the Indian resilience is showing an enormous recovery. In Silicone Valley the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world are Indians. In the UK leadership, the two key positions, the chancellor who is the finance minister, and the home office, may even be the next Prime Minister, are both Indians. And now the Indians are taking Netflix by storm, with a massive impact of Indian culture, featuring superb quality of filming and dancing which Netflix has never seen before with the movie RRR.

The movie also contains very strong subliminal messages, where the white English man looks down, at the beginning, on the Indian culture as nonsense, but the English ladies state very clearly that this is what they like, until a time when the English men have no choice but to join the Indian culture and copy it.

The movie also shows very clearly that the English man fails to catch up and the Indian men are the actual heroes in the eyes of the English ladies. We can see that this is also happening in the real life where English politics is scrambling with corruption and Britain's economy is entering in to a recession, while the Indian democracy is improving and the Indian economy is thriving.

It looks like it is just a question of time before an English white man from a call center in The City of London, will service a credit card holder, from India.

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