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Sunday, Sep 20, 2020

No new COVID-19 cases in Bermuda; 134 have recovered

No new COVID-19 cases in Bermuda; 134 have recovered

The Ministry of Health received 126 new COVID-19 results today. All 126 results received were negative. Total confirmed cases in Bermuda remains at 146.
Bermuda's real time Covid-19 reproductive number (Rt) 7-day average remains below 1.

The current status of confirmed COVID-19 cases is as follows: 134 persons have recovered; 1 person is hospitalised; 2 are recovering at home.

Bermuda's death toll remains at 9.

The average age of all confirmed positive cases is 60 & the median age is 65. The age range of all confirmed cases is 18-101 years. The average age of persons hospitalised is 65 & the median age is 65.

To date, 42 confirmed COVID-19 cases were imported, 85 were local transmission (known contact), 15 were local transmission (unknown contact), & 4 are under investigation.

57% of Covid-19 cases have been Black; 40% White; 3% other or unknown.

Of the 146 COVID-19 cases confirmed to date, 62 are male & 84 are female. A review of our testing numbers show that to date, out of the 10,920 tests results received, 146 were positive, 10,774 were negative.

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