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Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020

Police officer suspended after inappropriate social media post

Police officer suspended after inappropriate social media post

A Bermuda police officer reportedly posted an image on social media that read: “all lives splatter, no one cares about your protest”. The post caused a public outcry on social media, with calls for the officer to be dismissed.
The Bermuda Police Service confirmed that an officer has been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Steven Corbishley, the Commissioner of Police stated, "Police officers are expected to uphold the highest standards of professional behaviour on and off duty."

Several officers brought the matter, subject to investigation, to the attention of the BPS, Professional Standards Department.
This reflects the commitment to address acts of misconduct by the service at all levels.

Commissioner Stephen Corbishley further stated:

"The Bermuda Police Service acknowledges the anger and frustration that has arisen as a result of the disturbing social media post by an officer of the Bermuda Police Service.

That image is not in line with the core values and ethos of the BPS.

The officer in question has been suspended and the disciplinary process has commenced.

I have always maintained that diversity and inclusion are the hallmark of a well-balanced community and organisation.

During my time as Commissioner I have sought to promote embracing our differences and celebrating our commonalities.

It is clear that there is still work that must be done and I am committed to ensuring we as an organisation, understands the value that everyone brings to this community."

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