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Friday, Jul 03, 2020

Police warns of social media item sale scams

Police warns of social media item sale scams

Bermuda Police Service released a statement on May 28 to warn the people of social media scams related to item sale.
There recently have been a number of incidents where individuals who have posted items for sale on social media, are relieved of the items without receiving payment upon showing up at an agreed location to complete these transactions.

There have also been instances where prospective buyers are relieved of cash without receiving the item advertised.

The BPS advises against cash transactions and instead, have payment transferred into a bank account.

If this is not possible and there must be a face to face exchange of cash, please arrange to carry out such transactions during the daylight hours, in high traffic areas.

This will minimise the risk of you being robbed of your cash, or item you’re selling.

Also, make sure that you are shown proper proof of ownership of the item being sold, so as to avoid falling victim to purchasing stolen goods.

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