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Friday, Sep 25, 2020

Post Paulette Update

Post Paulette Update

The Causeway has been given the all clear and will reopen at 9p.m. tonight.
Schools will remain closed tomorrow. The Ministry of Education will update parents and the public regarding the reopening of schools following a full assessment of all public school buildings.

The L.F. Wade International Airport will reopen tomorrow at 12 noon.

All Government buildings will be closed tomorrow. We are requesting where possible for Public Officers to continue working remotely tomorrow. This is all dependent on whether individuals have not been affected by the hurricane.

Based on the clearance of the main roadways, a determination will be made on the resumption of the bus service. The public will be advised accordingly.

All ferry service will resume on Wednesday.

The Government Shelter at CedarBridge remains open and housed 50 people during the storm. It has also received additional persons who have suffered storm damage to their homes.

Regarding trash, Marsh Folly will reopen tomorrow morning, as will Tyne’s Bay Public and Commercial Drop off areas.

As it relates to residential trash collection, Wednesday will be the next collection day for those residents who usually have their waste picked up that day. Regular trash collection will also take place Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, trash will be collected for those who were not able to have their trash collected Monday or Tuesday.

Advanced Polling will resume on Wednesday September 15.

Regarding the COVID – 19 testing, the Department of Health continue to assess the testing centres and will provide an update to the public regarding the resumption of its services.

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