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Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

Re-opening economy – Phase 4

Re-opening economy – Phase 4

The Minister of Public Works, David Burch gave a statement about phase 4 of reopening of the economy.
You may will from Monday’s press conference that the Cabinet Subcommittee on the Strategic Reopening of Bermuda was to present to Cabinet on Tuesday last recommendations for the Traveller Entry Policy to be applied on the resumption of scheduled commercial flights into Bermuda (that will be covered by Minister DeSilva) and the recommended matters for Phase 4 of the reopening of Bermuda.

I wish to remind that Phase 4 will commence next Wednesday July 1st at 6 am – so we are still in Phase 3b until then but we are providing advance notice so that affected parties can plan ahead.

Phase 4 will consist of the following:

- The State of Emergency will end on the 30th June
- Permitted gatherings will increase to a maximum of 50 persons
- Requests for larger gatherings must apply to the Minister of National Security for permission with a plan to include social distancing and masks.
- Masks must be worn indoors. Masks must be worn outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained.
- Recreational scuba diving will permitted
- Subject to public health guidelines nightclubs and bars will reopen
- Holy Communion will be permitted
- Temperature taking as a precondition for entry into government buildings will end, however, masks and hand sanitizing is still required.
- The government quarantine site will close on June 30th

Since we have started a trend of having sub phases – we have two items that will likely form a Phase 4b – they are:

Subject to successful discussions with grocery stores to retain two or three discount days, alphabetized shopping will end

The curfew will shift to 12 midnight in the evenings to 5am in the morning and will be reviewed weekly.

While we as a country have made enormous progress – the Committee is mindful of mitigating the risk and recognize that we still have to be cautious and follow the Health protocols that have gotten us to this point.

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