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Tuesday, Mar 09, 2021

The Ministry of Transport - Winter Storm Update

The Ministry of Transport - Winter Storm Update

The Ministry of Transport wishes to provide the following update on the winter storm which is affecting Bermuda today.
Locally, the pressure at LF Wade has been dropping dramatically in the last few hours, and wind speeds are now reaching 35 knots in the marine area, based on measurements we’re seeing at the various observation sites around the island and the reef. Additionally, the NOAA Buoy 240 nm west of Bermuda has been experiencing a steady gale of 30-40 knots since about 12 noon local time. You may track the winds and other parameters clicking on the links above.

This is all consistent with previous and current model predictions, and gives us confidence in the resulting forecast. The new run of model predictions have come out, and there is very little change. The forecast issued this morning stands as is. Once we get into more of the west southwest winds, then the gales with storm force gusts will begin. Nearer the frontal passage, around 5PM, we can expect storm force sustained winds with hurricane force gusts to begin, and end by around 11PM.

The Public are also advised that for tomorrow morning only, all school runs, including those usually serviced by DPT buses, will be serviced by minibuses at their regularly scheduled times.

Before services can resume for the public bus schedule, the DPT will survey all bus routes to ensure buses can safely travel on the roads. These assessments will start at day break and the public bus service is expected to resume by 9:00 am on Friday 29 January.

All ferry services will remain suspended until further notice.

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