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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

El mundo registra más de 560,000 muertos por coronavirus

The world registers more than 560,000 deaths from coronavirus

The new coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of at least 560,425 people worldwide since it emerged in December, according to a report on the virus's progress.
Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 12.5 million infected in 196 countries or territories have been counted. Of them at least 6,688,300 have recovered according to the authorities.

This number of positive diagnosed cases only reflects a part of the total number of infections due to the disparate policies of different countries to diagnose cases, some only do it with hospitalized people and in many countries the diagnostic capacity is limited.

The number of deaths in the United States, which registered its first death linked to the virus in early February, amounts to 134,097 and 3,184,722 of infections. The authorities consider that 983,185 people were healed.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil with 70,398 deaths and 1,800,827 cases, the United Kingdom with 44,650 deaths (288,133 cases), Italy with 34,938 deaths (242,639 cases), and Mexico with 34,191 deaths (289,174 cases).

In mainland China (not counting Hong Kong and Macao) 83,587 people were infected from which 4,634 died and 78,623 were completely healed.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Europe had 201,976 deaths (2,812,444 infections), the United States and Canada 142,890 (3,291,743), Latin America and the Caribbean 140,829 (3,257,244), Asia 42,104 (1,693,529), Medium East 19,744 (896,302), Africa 12,746 (559,664), and Oceania 136 (11,126).

This numbers are from data from the national authorities compiled by the AFP offices and with information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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