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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Trump Rally Tonight in Des Moines, IA, contained a militant speech that looked like it had been taken from Germany, 1939

The speech given by somebody in Donald Trump’s rally, in a style that leaves no room for imagination, included ridiculous claims like “America has never lost in a war”, while actually, America was defeated in the Vietnam War, lost in the war in Iraq, and run away from the war against primitive tribes of Afghanistan with their tail between their legs, and… even in the current civil war on democracy, freedom of press and speech, and American’s liberties America is losing the war against itself!
In fact the only two wars that America can claim to have won were those against Hitler (but they won that war only thanks to the British and… Russian armies), and the war on Yugoslavia, where the US did exactly what they are now condemning Putin for in Ukraine: they divided sovereign Yugoslavia into 7 small countries, by killing 5,000 innocent civilians, bombing 22 hospitals, destroying 19 schools and blowing up 3,200 private houses of innocent citizens.

With all the sympathy for the former President, despite his miserable and self-destructive character and questionable behaviour, Donald Trump was in fact the only American President that did not start any wars and who made the most peace agreements in the world. However, this speech, in his election campaign, sent shivers down my spine, and caused considerable anxiety.

While there is no dispute about the power of The American Army and the quality of their soldiers, one has to wonder why (in every war that they started), they behave like a drunk elephant in a porcelain shop. They count the quantity of damage that they caused, instead of focusing on achieving the goals, that somehow, they always missed. In every war for democracy and human rights, the US have managed to leave the countries they invaded with much more poverty, more violations of human rights, and, ultimately, being much less democratic than it was before…

The only reasons that Americans may support Trump's re-election to the Presidency should be democracy, peace and economy. Not war, massacre, and the continuation of moral, economic, and ideological bankruptcy.

God, pleeease, Bless America, again, for a change!

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