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Friday, May 20, 2022

Twitter User Cracked A Joke On Jeff Bezos And We Caught Elon Musk Laughing

Twitter User Cracked A Joke On Jeff Bezos And We Caught Elon Musk Laughing

Elon Musk left a laughter emoticon in the comments section.

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have been rivals for a long time. Their common interest in areas of entrepreneurship and space have often caused them to be pitted against each other. Therefore, it is not unusual to spot the two billionaires take a casual dig at one another once in a while.

We saw a cheeky display of this recently when Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk reacted to a tweet about the Amazon founder. It all started when a user by the name “SpaceXMR” shared a Reddit post that featured a meme about Mr Bezos.

The tweet said, “The 5 stages of J E F F” and the meme featured five images of the entrepreneur. It was titled “The 5 stages of grief,” and each of the photos of Mr Bezos was followed by the words “denial”, “anger”, “bargaining”, “depression” and “acceptance.” This was followed by an arrow pointing at the word “bargaining”, with the note, “We are here.”

Reacting to the post, Mr Musk left a laughing emoticon. And needless to say, the simple comment soon caught the attention of social media users. The comment alone has received over 3,800 likes in less than an hour.

Previously, too, Mr Musk has been spotted enjoying a laugh at the expense of his rival. Just days before Mr Bezos made his trip to space, Mr Musk reacted to a post that touched on the fact that Mr Bezos's space journey was only going to be suborbital.

The meme in question is inspired by a Star Wars scene featuring a conversation between the characters of Anakin and Padme Amidala. The meme, which has grown quite popular in the recent past, was tweaked this time around to swap Anakin's face with Mr Bezos's and Padme's face with Mr Musk's.

The meme featured Mr Bezos saying, “I'm going to space,” and to this Mr Musk asks, “Orbital, right?”

Mr Bezos just smiles at this, causing Mr Musk to repeat the question, this time with a more worried look. The meme was in reference to the fact that Mr Bezos was only travelling to the Karman line, an imaginary line at an altitude of 100 kilometres from Earth, recognized as the edge of space.

Acknowledging the post, Mr Musk replied saying, “Haha”

Tell us what you think of Mr Musk's reaction.


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