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Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

UK Hongkongers organise rally calling for press freedom following shutdown of Stand News

Hundreds of Hong Kong people living in the UK have gathered in London to protest against what they described as a loss of press freedom in their home city. The leading English newspaper SCMP Editor gave an emotional speech, reminding his audience that UK -whom arrested the journalist Julian Assange for the crime of exposing war crimes- isn’t the place to call for press freedom. We must admit that both parties are sadly right. Much of the Freedom of Press has been lost in Hong Kong in the past year, just as it has been lost also in UK in the past 8 years.
The rally on January 15, 2022, was staged nearly three weeks after the shutdown of the now-defunct Stand News. Protesters marched to the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office to deliver letters in support of press freedom.

The online media outlet was raided by national security police on December 29, 2021, when its assets were frozen and seven people connected with the publication were arrested for allegedly publishing seditious material and stirring up hatred against the government.

Stand News’ branch in Britain was also shut down after Hong Kong police questioned the need for its existence overseas when the portal’s work was focused on the city.

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