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Monday, Sep 28, 2020

Washington Mall prepares for reopening

Washington Mall prepares for reopening

The owners of Washington Mall are planning to carry out a deep clean of the premises using disinfectant known to kill the novel coronavirus and will introduce strict measures to protect people when it reopens.
Some retailers who rent space in the mall are now open for kerbside pick-up, but some will not be open until Phase 2 of the reopening schedule when shoppers are allowed back in the mall, whilst some services will not be available until Phase 4, according to a spokesman for Washington Properties (Bermuda) Ltd.

The spokesman added: “Our cleaning contractor will do a deep cleaning of the mall, prior to opening to the public, and will provide an enhanced cleaning schedule for high-touch points such as door handles, washrooms, stair rails and elevator buttons.

“The contractor is on a reduced schedule while the mall is closed to the public and cleaning will be increased before we reopen. The cleaners are using Diversey Virex Disinfectant Cleaner, which is known to kill human coronavirus.”

In addition, the spokesman said there will be signage in the mall relating to public health and physical-distancing as well as limiting the use of elevators. Arrows on the floor will also direct people.

“Masks must be put on before entering and be kept on at all times, and there will be physical-distancing at all times — with no lingering in common areas.

“We have removed all public seating, the wi-fi has been turned off to discourage people lingering in the public areas and we will be discouraging large groups of people.

“We hope people are understanding of these measures which will be there to protect them and to ensure the mall can stay open and local businesses can return to work.”

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