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Thursday, Oct 01, 2020

WHO believes that the coronavirus pandemic can still be controlled

WHO believes that the coronavirus pandemic can still be controlled

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that it is still possible to control the coronavirus epidemic, although the number of cases has more than doubled in the last six weeks.
There are many examples around the world that have shown that although the epidemic is very intense, it can still be controlled, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told the media, citing the cases of Spain in Italy and South Korea.

Only aggressive action combined with national unity and global solidarity can reverse the path of the pandemic, he warned.

The WHO chief once again stressed the importance of applying screening tests, tracking cases and isolating patients to break the chains of transmission.

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 555,000 deaths worldwide since the WHO's China office reported the disease onset in late December, according to an AFP report from official sources.

Globally, over 12 million cases have been officially diagnosed, of which at least 6.5 million are currently considered cured.

But as mistrust progresses in many countries, fears of a new epidemic wave rise.

When cases reappear, 'act fast', insisted Maria Van Kerkhove, a WHO official in charge of the covid-19 situation.

Michael Ryan, another WHO official, called on authorities to quickly eliminate pockets of infection to avoid confinement of entire countries.

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