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Friday, Mar 05, 2021

Winter Storm Remarks from The Minister of National Security

Good afternoon,

I’m joined by Dr. Mark Guishard, Director of the Bermuda Weather Service.

Earlier today, the Emergency Measures Organisation met to get the latest update on the winter storm which is expected to affect Bermuda throughout the day tomorrow.

We’re not expecting a significant disruption of public services, but out of an abundance of caution, we want to ensure that we are prepared for any and every eventuality and make the best decisions in the interest of public safety.

And I am pleased to note that all of our partner agencies are ready and prepared should the need arise. Fom a public safety stand point, our main message is urging care, caution and common sense.

As I noted we do not expect a severe interruption of our public services. But, we want the public to make sensible decisions in the interest of safety should they choose to be out and about.With that, following our EMO meeting, here is what I can share at this time.

➢ The Causeway will remain open.

➢ The L. F. Wade International airport will remain open.

➢ Government Offices will remain open and services will continue throughout Thursday and Friday.


The last public bus will be 4.00pm tomorrow and commuter service will stop at 5.00pm tomorrow. Buses are scheduled to resume per normal on Friday morning. Mini-buses will provide school bus runs as normal.


The ferry service will be suspended from 11.00am on Thursday until further notice.

The Government shelter at CedarBridge will be open for anyone needing to be housed during the storm.

The operating hours of the shelter will be from 11.00 am tomorrow morning until 9.00 am on Saturday January 30.

Regarding public schools; schools will remain open on Thursday and Friday.

Public Schools will close at 3.00 pm on Thursday instead of 3.30pm.

The DPT has advised that they can have buses collect children from schools by 3:07 pm.

If children need to walk to Hamilton they can catch a bus either before or by 4.00 pm when the last bus leaves.

As a particular note, CedarBridge students and teachers will have remote learning on both Thursday and Friday.

This is because the EMO needs to use the school building as a Shelter for our vulnerable persons on Thursday. Deep cleaning of the school will take place on Friday.

The Lamb Foggo Clinic will be operating on its winter hours of 4pm – 8pm. All BHB emergency services will be operating as normal.

The Vaccine Centers will also be operating per normal tomorrow and Friday from 9am – 1pm. What we are asking, is for people who are scheduled to attend the vaccine center to please remain in their cars until they are called to have their shot.

Following the passage of the storm our critical work crews from the Department of Parks and Works and Engineering will do an assessment of the roads and clear any debris.

Regarding trash collection, the schedule is per normal on Thursday and Friday.

The Ministry of Public Works is asking residents to please secure all garbage and recycling containers and bags to prevent them from being blown about.

Also please place garbage and recyclables out for collection no later than 7.30 am on the morning of your collection day.

The Tyne’s Bay public drop off, the Airport Waste Facility, and the Marsh Folly Composting Facility will remain open during regular hours.

Lastly and from a safety standpoint, if needed, residents should have secured their homes, packing away any outdoor furniture or plants or any other home equipment to prevent injury or damage.

Thank you.

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