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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Zelenskyy steps back from the reason that led Russia to start a war, and is willing not to join NATO

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy says that Ukraine will not try anymore to become a member of NATO. Instead, he calls for new formats of interaction with the West and security guarantees.
It is a pity that Zelenskyy had to cause the destruction of Ukraine just to understand what should have been so obvious before the war.

This does not justify, God forbid, the horrific attack by the Russian army on Ukrainian civilians, but Zelenskyy cannot be absolved of the sole responsibility for the reasons that led to this unnecessary war.

Zelenskyy is a hero because he remains to fight for his personal standpoint.

But, he is not a hero of the Ukrainian people.
Because, in fact, by breaking the 15 years 'security agreement' that Russia had with the USA and Ukraine, Zelensky dragged the Ukrainian people to fight for what? For the silly idea that Ukraine will place weapons against Moscow, on its border with Russia. Why was it good? why so many Ukrainian must pay with their life just because Zelensky want to challange Moscow?

So, in terms of the interest of the Ukrainian people there is no heroism in that Zelensky dragged all of them to fights for his controversial and provocative desire, to join NATO.

It was, just as even Zelenskyy now finally agree, contrary to the logic, common sense and security interests of Ukraine, Europe and Russia, to join NATO.

The Ukrainian people should have continued to be a people of peace and not a people of war because we all see with deep shock, sorrow and anger, the terrible consequences of the military threat that Zelenskyy decided to pose against Russia, and Putin’s brutal backfire against this provocation.

Anyway, better late than never. It's actually good that Zelenskyy stepped back from the wrong idea to join NATO. Not because NATO is bad (it’s not), but because Ukraine should remain neutral.

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